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Quick Reference Guide For Beginner & Pro

Quick Reference Guide For Beginner & Pro

Quick Reference Army Sizes

You don’t have high enough informatics technology, you’ll get inaccurate scout reports, and here is what the different terms mean.

Few: 1 – 24
Pack: 25 – 49
Lots: 50 – 99
Horde: 100 – 249
Throng: 250 – 499
Swarm: 500 – 999
Zounds: 1,000 – 2499
Legion: 2500 – 4999
Bulk: 5000 – 10000
Giga: 10000 and more

Just Starting Out

When you start a new account on an Evony server you will have 7 days of beginner protection. You better use these days wisely, especially if you’re on a server that has already been running for a while. You can also turn the protection off earlier by building a level 5 town hall, but then you better know what you’re doing.

Anyways, the game is pretty easy to learn by following the quests. Following the quests is definitely the way to go, as in most of them you will get really good rewards. Before you decide what quests to do next, look at the rewards, for some of them the reward is larger than what it costs to fulfil the objective of the quest, like building up the first levels of the town hall, so definitely try to do these quickly.

On a new server prices for resources tend to be very high, and cause of that you should focus mainly on resource production the first couple of days. Don’t build lots of cottages and raise taxes, only build enough so that you can get all your jobs filled. You’ll probably get enough money from the quests you do, and if not you can just sell some resources to make money. Watch the prices in the marketplace, as long as you get more than 1 gold for each resource you sell, don’t bother trying to make money with taxes.

If you start on a server that has already been running for a while, chances are prices for resources will be really low, somewhere in the 0.2 – 0.03 range, with lumber being most valuable. Extra lumber you can sell, and if you need more of the other resources you can buy them.

When it comes to what type of troops and defences you should build before your protection runs out, it depends a lot on your neighbourhood and how old the server is. If it’s a new server I’d just focus on warriors and archers to raid your neighbours with together with a good number of traps and archer towers. If the server have been running for a while and you have several large neighbours, some archer towers and traps won’t really matter to them, so then I’d just focus more on troops. And on a server that’s been running for a while it’s even more important to never have a lot of resources lying around. If big players don’t see resources when they scout you, they probably won’t attack you.

This is the end of this starting guide; hopefully you found some of it useful. If you’ve got questions or comments, feel free to post it here.
Troops to Build

You start out building warriors and archers, that’s it. Many people say that warriors suck, and yeah it’s true they are the weakest of the troops, but they are also way cheaper and faster to build. In the beginning you’d like to get troops quickly, and you don’t have 3 barracks in each village either like you will later, so that’s why you should focus on the warriors.

It’s also true that archers can kill warriors easily, with no losses if there are enough archers, but that’s why you’re building your own archers at the same time. Don’t ever leave your warriors alone with open gates or in a valley somewhere; always keep them together with the archers you’re building at the same time. 1 archer for every 10 warriors you build is a good ratio starting out. The archers will also be used for taking out all warrior, pike or sword armies in valleys with no losses.

Later on you can build other troops, but first get 100,000 warriors and 10,000 archers.
Taxes Taxes Taxes

The best tax rate when you’re not online and playing the game is 20%. Putting tax rate at 20% the population will be stable at 30% of maximum, and they will each pay 20-30% tax. The stable population number is your loyalty times your max population, and loyalty will be stable at 100% minus your tax rate. This is why it’s so dangerous to put tax rate at 100% and leave your computer for a long time, cause then both your loyalty and population will go down to 0, you will have riots and loose lots of resources.

When you’re planning to stay online for a few hours, first set the tax rate to 0% so that your population goes up. You can use population increase or disaster relief to speed this up. When loyalty and population is at 100% you set your tax rate to 100%. This will earn you a massive income; all you have to do to keep your population from going down is to use disaster relief every 15-20 minutes. If you run out of food, just buy it at the market, food is cheap compared to the entire fold you make using the method. This trick will keep loyalty at 100 even with 100% tax rate. Before you log off make sure you change tax rate back to 20%.
Making a New City

Building a new city in Evony is actually quite easy. First you need to have a high enough title, to build your second village you need to be a Knight. You get to that title by following the promotion quests, and you need the items in your beginner package. You find your package under the package symbol top left on your screen.

Then you need to conquer a flat, look around on the map for the lowest level flat you can find. The higher level flat the more troops you will need, so it’s best if you find a level 1 or 2 to build your second city on. Make sure you scout it first to check how many soldiers there are guarding it. Usually 200-300 warriors and 50-100 archers should do the job on a low level flat. You can only conquer as many flats as the level of your town hall, so make sure you haven’t conquered too many forests, lakes and such already.

When your troops arrive and win the battle you’ll see a flag on the flat, meaning you’ve conquered it. Now you need to have 250 workers ready, these workers you actually get from the beginner package, and you also need to have a rally point level 2. If you have all this there should be a build city button when you click on the flat. Click the button and also click yes to taking the reinforcements home. When the workers reach the flat you’ll have a new city!
Making Lots of Gold

To do this I would recommend having a minimum of two villages and one of them should be as close to a level 5 NPC villages as possible. The level 5 NPC village will have 450,000 gold in it when full, it regenerates all that gold in one hour, so to get the max from it you should be within half an hour from it with transports.

To plunder it I would like to have at least 70,000 warriors, so that you minimize losses. Depending on your hero and technology you will lose about 14,000 warriors in each attack. You should also use 1 pikeman, swordsman, archer, cavalry and cataphract for layering, else losses will be higher.

The reason you choose a level 5 NPC is all the gold it has compared to the number of fortifications and troops. The higher level NPC villages have a lot more troops compared to the gold they hold, and are not really worth plundering using warriors.

As you might have understood, the lower the wood prices the more profitable this strategy is. It also depends on food prices, as there are about 3 million foods in the NPC village in addition to the gold. There are also other resources, but only like 120,000 of each so those don’t matter much. As long as wood prices are lower than about 0.7 this strategy is profitable.

To rebuild warriors fast enough you need a lot of barracks, 2-3 in each village. It depends on how high level cottages you have; since you need to be able to get population fast enough to train warriors all the time. It’s also good with high level barracks so you can keep production running during night. Please leave some comments if you like this strategy!

Everyone Needs A Hero

Heroes are really important in Evony; they give you better production and faster building time and troop training as well as attack bonuses. In this guide I’ll take a look at hero management and what type of heroes you should look for.

There are three types of heroes, the politics hero, the attack hero and the intelligence hero. Don’t mix them, focus on one attribute for each hero and change back and forth between them as needed. Even a high level hero will only be decent at best if you try to make him master of everything.

The politics hero should be the first one you get when you start on a new server. Politics gives you faster building speed and higher resource production. You will have a politics hero as major of each of your villages; you only change to other heroes when you start science research or troop training.

This is the most important hero in my opinion, and you need a few heroes with high attack power. You send this hero with your troops on attacks as it gives you bonuses to the troop’s stats, and you also use this hero when you are starting the training of troops. You just go to your feasting hall, make this hero major, go to your barracks and start the troop training and then go back to feasting hall to switch back to the politics hero. When you’ve started the training with an attack hero as major, the troops will train much faster. The higher the attack, the faster the training is.


The least important hero I think, but still useful to have a few of them. You use these to accompany your troops on scouting missions. You also use them as major when starting on research projects, as it will lower the research time.

The other stats heroes have are loyalty, salary and level. Salary goes up with their level, but even high level heroes don’t earn that much. Loyalty goes down if you lose battles with your heroes, and the lower it is the higher the chance of losing them is, so make sure you increase this with medals if it drops too low.

Try to hire low level heroes with one of the attributes being really high, anything above 60 is good. The reason you want to hire a low level hero is that they level up much faster, and each time they level up you can increase their stats by one. Always increase their highest stat then.

Usually you want to have at least 3 heroes in each village, one attack, one politics and one intelligence. It’s also possible to send the heroes from village to village if you’d like. Your politics hero that is your major will level as you build things, but making him fight a few battles is a good way to speed up his levelling process. Feel free to leave questions or comments here.

Attack Barbs with No Casualties

Yes, it’s possible to attack barbarian NPC villages without any losses at all. You get a lot of experience for your hero when you’re doing this as well as lots of resources. I’ve done this with villages up to level 5 so far, but I will attack higher once I get enough troops to do so. Read on to figure out how.

What you need to do this successfully is ballistae; yes these wonderful siege weapons that are great at shooting down archer towers. You also need a lot of transporters if you want to get all the resources back home. How many you ballista’s you need depends on the level of the NPC village as well as your technology bonuses and hero attack bonus.

Here is a attack report from me attacking a level 5 NPC barbarian city. 600 ballista’s should be enough here as long as you have a hero with around 80 attack. I haven’t tested the minimum you need yet, but better safe than sorry.

I’d advise you to build a city real close to a level 5 or 6 NPC village so that you can raid it every hour you’re online. Doing this will make you a lot of resources as well as tons of experience for your hero. If you don’t have enough ballistae yet, keep building those level 9 barracks and train ballistae in them. I hope this tip was helpful, feel free to leave comments or questions.
Defending Against Experienced Players

When people try to take over your villages they often use lots of attacks with scouts to lower your loyalty quickly. Scouts are way faster than any other unit in the game, and once all your fortifications have been destroyed even one scout and a hero will succeed attacking you. When this happened to me today I tested out a strategy with building abates, and that worked out great.

The reason I chose to build abates is that they are quick to build, less than one minute with decent bonuses, and even one of them can kill lots of scouts. It’s only cavalry and cataphracts that can kill the abates, and if you keep building abates one at a time you basically stop them from scout spamming you. You force them to have to attack you with cavalry instead, and that buys you valuable time so that you can get reinforcements to your village.

At the same time as building these abates you raise loyalty and reduce grievance with disaster relief. If you happen to run out of food, which kind of sucks, you can use praying to raise loyalty instead if you have enough gold. If you run out of gold too you’re in trouble, but using my trick should make you last longer at least, hopefully long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Feel free to leave comments.
Conquering High Level Player Towns

Going to conquer a city in Evony I want it to be a city worth keeping. For me that is a city with high level buildings and several high level barracks. New players with low prestige usually don’t have villages like that, so when I try to conquer cities it is usually cities from high prestige active players. It can be very difficult to conquer a village from a high prestige active player, so I thought I’d explain how I do it.

You need to have high enough title to take two more villages to use this method. The first thing is to get a base close to the city you want to conquer, preferably less than 10 miles from it. What you do is to look for a low prestige hopefully inactive player with at least 2 villages that has one village close to the high level village you eventually want to have. If there are easier to get villages to choose from, choose the one with highest rally point and feasting hall.

You take this easy to get village using the normal method, first destroying fortifications and then scout spamming it. Scout spamming is attacking the village with 1 scout and 1 hero several times until the loyalty is below 15. When it’s below 15 keep attacking it now and then so that the public grievance remains high, it will drop to 5 in 1-2 hours. At 5 the gates will open and now you need to send your army to take out his troops. When his troops are gone you keep scout spamming it till loyally is 0 and then you get the village in your next attack.

Taking this first village might take you a long time if your other villages are far away, but if it’s an inactive player it doesn’t matter, he won’t be online to stop you from taking it anyways. The next village you’re going to take however is a high level one, from a high prestige player that might have an alliance watching over him, so here you need to be as fast as possible. That’s why you need this other village close to him as your base.

Now move your army to your newly conquered low level village, with enough food to feed them for a while. Hopefully it has a high level enough rally point for the troops you need to send out from it, if not you have to build it, preferably speed build as your new neighbour might notice what you’re doing if you spend too much time on this.. Also fill up the feasting hall with heroes.

Now it’s time to go after the high level village you wanted in the first place. You pretty much use the exact same method as you used to take the low level village; the difference now is that travel time is much shorter so you can do everything real fast. In addition to scout spamming you will now also use your whole army several times, so that you take away all his food and any troops he might be reinforced with.

If he happens to get online during your scout spamming, you have to use parts of your army to attack with instead of scouts, also scout him often too look for reinforcements. It’s very hard to conquer a village of a strong player who is online, but being real close to him with an army much larger than his, it is possible. Don’t give up, good luck!



  • James765 says:

    Yo just wanted to say great work and keep it up!

  • JonnyBravo says:

    i have 56027 points already and tbh this quite helped me out …

  • JonnyBravo says:


  • Jeremy says:

    Cool just started a server it 3 days old got 1000 archers
    2050 warriors and 55 archer towers is that good never played this before
    lvl 7 archery I am in number 1 rank alince people keep writting to me come join there alince why? Well thanks

  • King Daddy says:

    Thanks for all the information / advise!!!

    My son & I are beginners. We joined several days ago.

    If you have the time, please help me with a couple of issues.

    1: How can a support the number of troops you all are mentioning?

    70K Warriors, 450K archers, I am have issues with my minimal troops now. 2K work, 2K war, some archers & etc. During the amulet I won a butch of Balli, Catapults, & Battering Rams. They ate me out of house and home. Dismissed most of them. How do I keep my resource coming in stone, iron, and lumber but still feed the necessary troops for action? What is the ratio for resources (food,lumber,ston,iron) and their suggested levels?

    2: What is a NPC and how do I identify it.

    3: I have been asked to join many alliances. How do I know which is best for
    my son and me? Beside their ranking, prestiege, on the stats page.

    Thanks for all the advise. This might be a good time, if we don’t get wiped out in a couple of days.


    King Daddy

    • Sunil says:

      1) Build plenty of sawmills and Iron Mines, and a level 3 market place. Keep 25% of the lumber and 40% of the iron you make, and sell the rest for food, and stone. Once you have the necessary amount of troops, farm many of ‘em npc for food, and gold.

      2) NPC=Non Computer Player. Identifying them is pretty straight forward. Their flag will be black, sometimes with two orange lines running across their flag. As well, when you click on any village/fortress, look at the description. Npc and player descriptions are different.

      3) I recommend trying out the one with the most prestige and members. If they aren’t a nice community, then go on to the next one, and so forth till you find a good community.

      Have fun playing this game,

  • D D says:

    iv’e been playing for quiet some time now and theres only one thing i dont under stand,
    when i attack level 9 and 10 valleys and NPC’s i hardly get any pretige……..why?

  • cyphyres says:

    i was fighting somebody and realized they had swarms of everything and i am sort of new and how many fighters would i need to defeat them?
    they have swarm of everything

    • duelistcut says:

      i haven’ had the time to see it for myself, but i’ve heard about (may be mispelled…not sure ) that has exercize tools for what troops are needed at certain horseback riding and archery skills to defeat certain people ( depending on amount and type of troops and attack levels … researched in academy ). .. hope this helps


    • hillijong says:

      You might want 20k warriors and 30k archers plus 5k cavalry to take it out.Hope I helped. :-)

  • Aprill says:

    I am trying to find out if you must appoint a Hero to defend your cities or is one appointed for you when you are under attack. I have always appointed a high attack hero when under attack but recently someone told me that it would choose a hero for you. Can anyone confirm this?

  • drakonia says:

    i cant i would say to appoint a good attack hero and make a strong army

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