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Beginners Guide to Building a City

Beginners Guide to Building a City

Guide to taking over a Flat:

Send a force to ATTACK the FLAT (always start with a LVL 1 flat – it will require the minimum attack force – but still dont be stingy).

Once you have captured the FLAT you then need (in your starting city) 250 Workers and 10000 of every resource (including GOLD)

Select the newly conquered FLAT and press BUILD CITY

Wait until the transport with all your resources (which has now been dispatched) reaches the FLAT and creates your new city

Start running that CITY like you did the first one

    For now, its simple, make sure you have have a barracks, a decent army, a Hero, and 250 workers (and 10,000 gold, 10,000 food, 10,000 lumber, 10,000 stone, 10,000 iron)

    Oh, and don’t forget, you need your rally point to be Level 2, so you can send your workers while your army is coming back… with a Level 1 rally point you can only have 1 army group outside your base!~

    I forgot to explain, the CIRCLE areas, are Conquered territories (I dont know what to do with those yet)



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    • NCBrad says:

      These instructions are outdated.

    • isolde says:

      what rank and station is needed before you can do this. it seems i can’t just build whenever i have the things said above.

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