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Evony NPCs, Level 1-5 How to Attack with Ballistae

Evony NPCs, Level 1-5 How to Attack with Ballistae

Here is what BSuN2 Suggests (BSuN2 is the fastest growing alliance in Server 7- one of the Original 7 Servers!)

level 10 archery
level 8 medicine
level 9 iron working
level 9 military tradition
level 6 horseback riding
level 8 logistics
103 attack hero

at my level of logistics, 1 transporter can hold 9000 goods which is where i got the math

level 1        100 ball    25 trans      215,000
level 2        200 ball    40 trans      355,000
level 3        300 ball    134 trans    1,200,000
level 4        400 ball    252 trans    2,260,000
level 5        500 ball    445 trans    3,990,000



  • Matt says:

    This sucks I send a lot lower than that and still lose nothing. What hero do you send what lvl attack and intel

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