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Evony Wall Defenses – Defending your City

04 Jun Posted by in Evony Defense, Evony Tips | 39 comments
Evony Wall Defenses – Defending your City

End Game Wall Defenses – How should they look?

The Guide (In Progress)

Known Information:

You can demolish defenses to change them around. You receive 30% of the resources back.


Can be cleared by warrior spam.
Archer towers and open gates with 1 unit of each or a force will help defeat this.
They can not hit siege weapons.

Deters Calvary spam to lower loyalty. Number range not really known. I personally have 1,000 per city. In end game, mostly useless.

Archer towers:

This is considered the best defensive unit we used along with troops.

All units can attack archer towers.

Archer Towers can not hit ballista even if you have level 10 archery and they have level 6 archery.


Range 1400 – Archery Science required is 6. (30% increased range.)
Basic Range: 1820.


Range 1200
Max Range: 1800

If you are attacked by only Ballistas you must have gates open (with an army that can beat them) to win the attack unless they can not overcome your walls in 100 rounds.

Rolling Logs:

Can be cleared by warriors.
Reported to not hit siege weapons, I’m assuming ranged only are immune.


Can be cleared by warriors.
Reported to not hit siege weapons, I’m assuming ranged only are immune.
Worse range than Rolling Logs.
Last defense to trip.

My Orginal Post

Currently I have lv 8 walls.

5000 Traps
1000 Abatis
7000 Archer Towers
600 Rolling Logs
500 Rockfall
(3100 Vacant)

Is this to many archer’s towers? I read somewhere in a post that people enjoy attacking cities with a lot of archer towers for the honor or something? What kind of defense should I have to deter most attackers?

(Wrong forum I’m sorry, I’ll turn it into a guide if I get more inputs.)

Guide needs:
What units can attack archer towers.



  • VinZ says:

    Do you know that you can stole valleys from anyone except your ally w/ just 1 scout?

  • James says:

    My wall defenses are simple and effective 1k traps 1k abatis 17k ats and 1 extra trap to fill.

    • Ven says:

      James that is not a good Defense fo a number of reasons.First thing is your running long range d,the abatis and traps give you a 5200 pace defense meaning your archers/ballistas/catapults fire on the enemy within the first 3 rounds giving only 1 mabey 2 turns of tradefire..If you enemy sends and archer rainbow without mech because of speed of pikes and swords advancing before archers your pikes and swords are hit first.If mech bows or archer bow rainbows because of range anywhere from 20-60k archers can be killed per wave.That D is pretty good if you have lots of layers,problem with your setup is only having 1k abatis…those can easily be spammed out in a few minutes forcing you into compact d.Compact Defense is where the enemy units attack your ats directly limiting damage to layers.17k ats will only take about 3-4 archer rainbows before they are gone then forcing you into normal defense where range attacks range..Meaning enemy archers/ballistas/pults attack your archers then ballistas then pults directly before hitting layers..A good defense for you would be 10k abatis rest ats ..this gives you the option to go into compact D on some nasty pult or mech waves while making sure you stay in the 5200 defense.DT RL and Traps are useless tbh..DT take alot of time and resources but are detroyed after being used..simple spam will clear the trebs,Traps can be spammed out in seconds using small waves of warriors,rolling logs are also easy to remove.

  • Williby says:

    Does Cavalry and Cataphract have any damage to AC?

  • evony guide says:

    DO you have any cheats in this game? hehehe

  • RandomD says:

    Whiteboy said…ur a fool to have that many traps…and yet he has 1…which detures nothing and begins combat early…which sends his troops out to die sooner…out of AT range…so who’s the fool?

  • DIPPYBITCH says:

    i say if you set up tyour walls that you should have 3200 traps 1k AB 50RL and 50 DT and the rest in AT so far i have not be attack btw this only work if your MT,MS,ARCHRY,MACHINERY,ENGINEERING,MEDICINE is at least a level 7 anything lower thin that and your fvcked

  • Witch King says:

    Rolling logs are not good… thats true but Defensive Trebechats are very useful. You claim they do not hit seige wepeons but that is what they are for. A good defense should have Archer towers and around 200 Defensive Trebechats. Oh and also 7k archer towers is not enough i have 18k. Don’t listen to those honor players you might even be able to beat him/her with them.

  • WyldBear says:

    that was kinda stupid randomD, with traps it starts at the 5200 pace mark and while that seems stupid it’s actually good because you should definitely have a lot of archers in your live army. While you may lose them, they’ll weed out rainbow troops and add-ons e.g. warriors, pikemen etc so your ats should be left to just battle the main force which is normally archers. plus your force is recoverable from 10%-50% depending on your honor. what i’ve found to be effective is 2k traps 1675 abatis 16k ats 100 rollinglogs and 250 trebouchets

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