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When Should I Conquer/Build My City In Evony?

12 Jun Posted by in Evony Tips, Featured Articles | 6 comments
When Should I Conquer/Build My City In Evony?

A Good rule of thumb when deciding which option is best for your next city is “If the walls of the conquerable city are lv7 or higher, take it”

Another thing to think about when deciding what your next move will be is that building allows you to gain prestige.  If your goal is to earn prestige, you can accumulate more by building.

Remember: If you do build, you can always abandon the city and then conquer another city, so its never a bad thing to have one while you’re searching for your next attack.



  • oxydoor says:

    By the way, how can i conquer a city ? i did attacked one several times, but no luck. Can anyone can be more explicit about conquering a city ?

    • 20080219 says:

      first, get 2 mil archers 1k Balistas,and well some batering Ram. Second,technology that something improve your army’s attack and defence and also remember to research HB riding and Compass. third, you must have title that will be able to conquer the number of city you wanted.knight for 2, Baronet for 3, Baro for 4……. mail me at for any question.

  • billy says:

    i have conquered a city from a noob, but i dont know how to get my troops back out of it, care to enlighten me?

    • 20080219 says:

      lol just reinforce them from your old city. click on the city and click reinfoce and chose the amount you wanted.

  • Mad says:

    I too want to know how to conquer a city. I attack but it says Conquered unsucsessfully even tho’ there are no defence, troops left.

    • 20080219 says:

      lol promote yourself to title knight. Find it at the rotine quest. Knight hold 2 city, Baronet hold 3 city, Baro hold 4 city and so on. promote yourself to higher title before conquering. good luck -_-

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