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Advanced Evony Tips – Promotions & Prestige

10 Jul Posted by in Evony Tips, Random Info | 17 comments
Advanced Evony Tips – Promotions & Prestige

Advanced Tips – Promotions & Prestige

1. Promotions

In Evony, a player is allowed one addition city for each title advancement. There are also ranks, such as Colonel and General, which are needed to advanced to a specific title.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a promotion choice between rank and title, choose title! Only a promotion in title will grant you an additional city slot. Newer players often make the mistake of choosing rank before title, leaving them without enough medals for a title promotion.

2. Prestige

Prestige is like a scoring system in Evony. Generally, higher prestige will make it easier to join better alliances, and high prestige will often scare away weaker players from bothering you. So how does one acquire prestige?

1. Quests. Completion of some quests will reward you with prestige, such as the promotion quests.

2. Build. The most obvious way of gaining prestige is by completing a building. Always be building or upgrading! Note that you may not gain prestige for the certain levels of certain buildings, such as cottage level 1.

3. Technology. Higher the tech, higher the prestige gain.

4. Troops. Building troops will result in prestige! Note that you won’t gain any prestige for building less than 4 units.

5. Fortification. Traps and fortifications are worth a fair amount of prestige. Queue them up!

6. Comfort. Comforting will give you a very small amount of prestige in exchange for food, gold, or both.

7. NPC battles. A small amount of prestige will be gained from fighting and losing units to NPCs. After the recent patch, the prestige gain from NPC battles are minimal.

8. Title and Town Hall. The higher the title, the less prestige earned. The higher the town hall, the less prestige earned. Accept a promotion only when you’re ready to support another city! One city under civilian rank earns more prestige than one city under knight rank, but two cities under knight rank will obviously bring in more prestige than one city under civilian rank, assuming both cities are constantly building. Same with town hall, only upgrade when needed. On the other hand, don’t hold off upgrading if it will do more harm than good.

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  • Rasputin says:

    Medal farming. All techs “battle techs” are level 10. Town Hall has all of the valley slots filled. (otherwise you Hero Hunting) Scout all level 9-10 valleys any kind. find ones without cav. Send 30-35k archers, 1 bali, 1 pike, 1 sword and 1 scout. Use a high Intel or Attack hero, I have had better odds with Intel but others in my alliance say otherwise as they use attack, and attack the valley. I have great luck with this and have gained 60 medals of all kinds in a 3 month period. Good luck, and happy hunting.

  • nijj says:

    no sorry

  • Pillsburry says:

    hey im from server 89 and server 88 and a new server i meed the walk through mail on how to get prestige higher i have a lvl 10 townhall b/c i didnt kno dat affects but i have a huge army wit only 251k prestige ima be booted in two weeks if i dnt hav over 700k prestige plz help me if u have da answer plz post it and i will get in contact wit u through evony thxs for everything

  • knight412 says:

    ok well im from server 141 and a great alliance (JUDA) and all i need to know is how to find rose medals and get prest fast and easy so far building has worked but takes forever any tips?

  • Web head says:

    Just followed a link to this site direct from google, and it appears this web site is inserting trojan horse virus into you computer, if your anti virus failed to pick this up, you may have had your evony details stolen (or worse)

    please have your pc scanned immediately

  • bibil says:

    u can buy the medals

  • knight412 says:

    google ‘evony titles’ look at the first 10 and you’ll find everything you need to know when it comes to promos

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