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Advanced Evony Tips – Titles & Medals

Advanced Evony Tips – Titles & Medals

Advanced Tips – Titles & Medals

In Evony, every title promotion allows a player to hold one additional city. For the first few title promotions, a rank promotion may be required before a title promotion.

Rank Promotions:

Lieutenant for Knight
10,000 Gold must be paid
Town Hall must be at level 2 or higher

Captain for Baronet
20,000 Gold must be paid
Town Hall must be at level 4 or higher
5 Cross Medals must be surrendered

Major for Baron
30,000 Gold must be paid
Town Hall must be at level 6 or higher
5 Rose Medals must be surrendered

Colonel for Viscount
40,000 Gold must be paid
Town Hall must be at level 8 or higher
5 Lion Medals must be surrendered

General for Earl and higher
50,000 Gold must be paid
A Town Hall must be at level 10
5 Honor Medals must be surrendered

Ouch, all those gold and medals for just the ranks! Sometimes, it may be possible to choose a rank promotion before a title promotion because a rank promotion requires less medals. Inexperienced players become confused or make a mistake because of this. Always choose the title promotion before the next rank promotion, if given a choice.

Title Promotions:

Knight for 2 City Slots
20,000 Gold must be paid
1,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Cross Medals and 5 Rose Medals

Baronet for 3 City Slots
40,000 Gold must be paid
2,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Rose Medals and 5 Lion Medals

Baron for 4 City Slots
60,000 Gold must be paid
4,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Lion Medals and 5 Honor Medals

Viscount for 5 City Slots
80,000 Gold must be paid
8,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Honor Medals and 5 Courage Medals

Earl for 6 City Slots
100,000 Gold must be paid
16,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Courage Medals and 5 Wisdom Medals

Marquis for 7 City Slots
200,000 Gold must be paid
32,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Wisdom Medals and 5 Freedom Medals

Duke for 8 City Slots
300,ooo Gold must be paid
64,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Freedom Medals and 5 Justice Medals

Furstin for 9 City Slots
400,000 Gold must be paid
128,000 Prestige must be earned
10 Justice Medals and 5 Nation Medals

Prinzessin for 10 City Slots
500,000 Gold must be paid
256,000 Prestige must be earned
30 Justice Medals and 15 Nation Medals

Players should remember that it is possible to lose prestige by leaving an alliance (no penalty by expulsion) or more rarely, by losing more unit worth to an NPC. Upon reaching the Prinzessin title, players will no longer need to worry about prestige for promotion purposes. Note that for some older servers, Prinzessin requires 20 Cross Medals, 15 Rose Medals, 10 Lion Medals, and 5 Honor Medals. Most Evony players will go by 30 Justice Medals and 15 Nation Medals.

Gaining Medals:

There are many detailed guides for medal hunting. For the sake of convenience, here are some ways to gain medals:

Cross Medals
Valleys level 1-3

Rose Medals
Valleys level 1-6
Lakes level 2-4
NPCs level 1

Lion Medals
Valleys level 3-6
NPCs level 1-3

Honor Medals
Valleys level 4-7
Grasslands level 4-6
NPCs level 1-3

Courage Medals
Valleys level 6-8
NPCs level 3-5

Wisdom Medals
Valleys level 6-10
NPCs level 5

Freedom Medals
NPCs level 5

Nation Medals
NPCs level 10

Justice Medals
NPCs level 10

Good luck and happy hunting!

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  • TaliaDau/KatiePrice (on evony) says:

    i am in the new age 2 and nothing no medals gained apart from medals boxes from the start or if i win them (once a day wheel of fourtune) barely get them. My whole alliance can’t find them and we have been looking for days and nothing. Though we did get 1 medal (alliance) its soo bad that we can’t get higher ranks because we need medals!!

  • Hairy says:

    i have got to Viscount by attacking valleys for medals. the way to do this is to scout all lvl 10 valleys in your area after maintanance and then only attack the ones that have NO cav or archers. attack them every hr, dont take them, just farm them.
    but do not expect a medal all the time, it takes patience and persistance.

  • ARES17 says:

    Its just a mater of chance. I got a wisdom and a courage the first two hills i hit (lvl 10) nothing since then, jus gotta keep at it

  • Ifrit says:

    I’ve only once ever got a medal drop from a valley that wasn’t level 10. That was a cross medal on a lvl 5 flat. Stick to hitting only lvl 10 valleys and you will find medals

  • Jingle says:

    It takes a LOT of patience to get medals. i have been hitting valleys a lot, and medal drops are very low. if you arent having luck with one valley, try another. just keep at it, and eventually you will get something

  • fortycoats says:

    this is what helped me and i am getting medals pretty fast but ofcourse not the right ones lol

  • coree says:

    My success has come by attacking level 1-2 and sometimes level 3 valley’s,Hit them with 300 must wait 10 sec’s for each wave.Once the first wave hits,Abandon the valley so the next wave can hit.You will lose some scouts but hey it works.On average you get a medal every 30-40 hits.Rose,lion and courage try it.

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