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Evony Book – Evony Mastery Guide

Evony Book – Evony Mastery Guide

Evony: The UnOfficial Strategy Guide is a 75 page strategy resource that every serious Evony Player must own. It covers a wide range of topics including complete information on Items, Heroes, War, Diplomacy, Units, and Technologies.

This guide also includes plenty of raw data such as Barbarian Attack Tables, Progression Charts, and a detailed World Map. However one of the biggest values are offered in the form of combat strategy, and the potential to attain extremely high rankings in prestige and honor!

Enjoy our latest video updates that are embedded right into your guide! We have included a six part video tutorial revealing the quickest way to top the charts in prestige. The tutorial will lead you through the setup of your empire and allow you to come out of beginners protection with a strong military, solid economy, and a huge lead in prestige.

Evony: The UnOfficial Strategy Guide includes:

Complete Buildings Complete building descriptions and tips on how build them up for maximum production! Want to know how to build that unbeatable army? Need a strategy for defeating each barbarian city with minimal or even no loses? Looking for tips on what units to build to become an offensive juggernaut? It’s all here! Any patch notes or new combat tactics added to the guide will be yours to download free.

Unit and Combat Strategy Find out what every unit statistic means and specific strategies for using them in combat, attacking with infantry or mechanical units, and general fighting tips.

Hero and Items details

This section examines and analyses every item in the game. If you’re unsure if a item is right for your city or hero, check out detailed explanations.


A complete directory of medals and promotions organized into related categories.

The Basics

Learn about every feature in Evony. This section explains character setup, building new cities, and how to run tax rates and production.

War and Diplomacy

Understand the fundamental concepts of alliances, how to use your friends to your advantage and tricks to bring down even the strongest of opponents.


Everything you need to know about NPC cities including a detailed table on what units to send for victory!


Learn how the technologies tie in with your units and city building techniques and which ones to research first.

Immediate Download

All our guides are available immediately after purchase. Get an edge on the competition!

Buy This Guide Now.


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