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Evony Honor: Gaining & Losing Honor

Evony Honor: Gaining & Losing Honor

Honor is a player point system that is a factor to determine your rank within Evony.

Gaining Honor

You can gain honor by attacking or defending locations and loosing less troops recource-wise . If you have been attacked (even on Valley), returning the attack on the city that attacked you can result in a rise in Honor (defending what was taken)

Attacking a city or city’s valley when they have been declared a hostile alliance to your alliance can result in higher honor if you lose less recource in the battle.

Losing Honor

You lose honor by continuing to attack a location and loosing more recources than the other player. You can also lose honor by attacking or defending against a player whose rank is much lower than yours.



  • mmastermikki says:

    Somewhere I used my Michangelo Script and can now not get past Lvl 9-Informatics only thing I have over Lvl 9. I am sure it asked me to apply Michangelo Script to informatics and I pushed yes before realizing it- how do I get Michahangelo Script back without paying cash? Should I just start all over?? HELP!

    • storm says:

      replying for other interested parties…u can get 4 more michealangelo scripts without paying for them , by finnishing the “”allied forces”" quest in “hero quests”
      but before u can finnish the above , u will need to attack and conquor a level 8 NPC , then a level 10 NPC.. build 200 catapults to finnish the allied forces quest

  • killers says:

    whats the greatest way to get honor

  • justin says:

    it is cheaper to worker bomb instead of scouts…they are cheaper to build and take much less time

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