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NPC Attack Guide By Levels

NPC Attack Guide By Levels

A level 1 npc can is the easiest.
But here is how to do it without losses.
1- you need lvl 8 archery
2- 100 Ballistas
3- 200 Transport

Now you’ll be able to take all his resources without losing anything.

A Level 2 npc is also easy
Heres the requirements
1- Archery lvl 8
2- 200 ballistas
3- 200 transports

1- archery level 8
2- 300 Ballistas
3- 250 transports

This is where the real farming begins.
A level 4 npc has over 1 million of food.
Now to beat him you need

1-Archery lvl 9
2- 400 ballistas
3- 350 Transports

1- Archery lvl 10 / HorseBackRiding lvl 5 or above.
2- 400 ballistas
3- 500 tranasports

you will be able to get 3 million of food from each plunder on each lvl 5 npc.

there is noway to attack a npc higher than level 5 and expect no losses
So here is how to do it with minimum losses

1- archery lvl 10/ horsebackriding lvl 9
2- 1000+ ballistas
3- 700 transports

This is the daddy of the game.
Conquering a lvl 10 npc has been known as hard after the TREBUCHET patch.

But here it is.
For the first attack you will have to use a
-you must have almost all the defencive/ attacking/ curing researches on lvl 9+
Lets attack.
1- 18000 ballistas
2- 700 transports
3- rest are archers
4- layering ( 1 of each other soldier )

Second Attack
The second attack will be the same as all the rest attacks
it will consist of :
1- 10 000 archers
2- 50 000 warriors
3- Layering

a lvl 10 npc will generate 40 000 warriors every six minutes. So you should at least be raiding him twice between theses six minutes because he will also generate six loyalty. so every six minutes. you wont be able to drop down the loyalty

- Also every attack on an npc will drop his loyalty by 3. until the loyalty reaches 70. it will be dropping by 2
To avoid drama losses. make sure you have 150k archers and 150k warriors before the attack begins.



  • Bourne says:

    Sancho… youre an idiot. Upgrade your techs and it will go to above 30mil. Then on top of that, you can buy resources AND farm them from people. Or your can have one all iron, and one all wood city and exchange the extra resources. I ahve over 150mil iron in my main, and over 4bil food. You can get as much as you can take when it comes to evony, and thats a fact.

  • ThFatMN says:

    With archery level nine I can attack a level one with 50 transports and same numbers of ballistas and forlevel two it’s twice as much. For some reasons there are way too many troops listed here I find

  • ThFatMan says:

    Althouh when I look over the text in more detail i I fi d the extra troops make up notfora lack, but less tech

  • Megaman_ss32 says:

    If you want to attack a lv10 npc you dont need 18000 ballistas lol you only need 200.000 archers, 400.000 warrioirs, 2000, 2000 scouts and 2000 transporters

    beginn by sending 92000 archers 2000 workers 2000 warriors 2000 scouts and 2000 transporters with you best attack hero

    then time your next attack so the first wave hits befor the following

    next 9 waves are neede 15.000 archers and 40.000 warrioirs

    and just keep sending those untill you conquer

    BUT!! if you really want to do this quick you need 300.000 Cavalstart by sending a wave os 100.000 cavalry

    then follow up by 20.000 cavalry until you conquer


    this is compared if you have all technolagy to level 10

  • Megaman_ss32 says:

    and I lolled quite hard when I saw that you guys are saying you have over 40 mill food hahahhaha I have over 12 billion n00bz

  • 20GT says:

    this is crazy i have no problem taking a L2 npc with 65bal 110trans my hero is only 74attack 5MT 5logi 3HB and 6arch — no losses many times over and over

  • TheDuke says:

    Sancho is dumb.. raiding adds the food to your city, there is no limit to what it can hold*(no reasonable limit, that is.. i haven’t tested it). However there IS a limit on what it can produce on its on (the cap he’s referring to). When a city reaches this cap, it will stop producing until resources fall back down under the cap, then start again. Anything that is extra (resources plundered from npc’s, resources sent from other cities, etc.) can and will be added to your city.. KC could easily have 40mil food from raiding in addition to his own production..

  • gregre says:

    you should say how to capetue them with armys that dont have ballista

  • 20080219 says:

    12mil is noob i got 5zils
    lol i send 2m archer with lv10 archery and 300k cal with 10 horseback and i get the city in the first wave

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