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Scouting NPCs to until you find a weak mayor

Scouting NPCs to until you find a weak mayor

One method of attacking a higher-level NPC’s that you might otherwise be able to successfully attack is to repeatedly Scout it until a very low level Hero appears in the reports.

Each time the city is scouted a new Hero will be in charge. Repetition and persistence will lead to a very weak defending Hero in the city. At this point, STOP Scouting and attack!



  • makisupa666 says:

    From my experience, this is no longer valid. I don’t scout lvl 10 NPCs any longer as it seems Evony has changed this and leveled the playing field.

  • BigBee says:

    It is still valid. The reason you don’t need to scout anymore might be because your hero reached a very high level !

  • 20080219 says:

    lol i just get my 5 mil balista and 1 mil archer and 3 mil calvary and capthtract to conquer lv10 NPC. i don’t scout NPC’s they are weaker than i and now all ten of my city is LV 10NPC and my city (the original one) has already be abondonded. that’s what i call all farms no sawmill,quarry and ironmine. All my reasearch are lv10 .Now i send out all my troops and i get the resource in my troops and i get resource from plundering.

  • callmealex says:

    a low level hero in an npc 10 does not necessarily mean it has a low attack attribute. in the same way, a higher level hero in an npc 10 could have a low attack attribute. there is no guarantee. so why scout at all?
    being able to win against an npc 10 is more of the troops types that you use and their numbers more than anything else. even if your hero is a low level with att 150, it can win most of the time against an npc 10 without scouting. this is btw age 1.
    my highest hero btw has att 397 now and i have farmed too many npc 10s that i am i get sub 4k archer loss archer loss more than a few times and 4k-5k avg archer loss.

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