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Evony Age II Hero Quests

13 Aug Posted by in Evony Age II, Evony Hero Quests | Comments
Evony Age II Hero Quests

Here Quests is a totally new feature of Evony Age 2, and the first three of these quests are all about donating stuff to your Royal Family to help them in a war. You do get rewards from doing these quests, but only for quest number 2, Donation of Military Material, is the reward worth even close to what you have to donate to complete the quest. You only have to donate 200,000 of each resources to complete quest number 2, and as a reward you get 1 iron rake, 1 double saw, 1 adv quarrying tools, 1 blast furnace and 1 adv tax policy.

To complete quest number 1, Allied Forces, you need to donate a bunch of troops, 200 catapults even which take a very long time to build early on the server. In reward you get 4 Michelangelo’s scripts, 1 truce agreement, 1 advanced city teleporter, 1 war ensign, 1 ivory horn, 1 ultra corselet and 1 penicillin.

Quest number 3, Military Feat, is even harder, here you have to donate more than 300 medals total, and 300 medals will take you an extremely long time to gather. They are also better used at increasing your rank and title, so this hero quest should only be done when you reach max title and rank.  The reward is 1 senior guidelines, 1 master guidelines,  1 ultimate guidelines, 1 Napoleon’s diary, 1 Archimedes’s note, 1 merchant fleet, 1 dynamite, 1 civil code and 1 speech text.


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