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Evony Age II Star Levels & Gear Guide

13 Aug Posted by in Evony Age II | 1 comment
Evony Age II Star Levels & Gear Guide

Stars and star levels is something totally new in Evony Age 2. In Evony Age 2 you can upgrade the star level of your hero gear, and that way you make the gear more powerful. However, upgrading star levels is not that easy and can be quite frustrating.

First thing you need to know about star levels is that you need to use delicate gems or flawless gems in each upgrade, and you do the upgrade in your workshop. You can choose how many and which type of gem you want to use for the upgrade, and you will be told the success rate of your upgrade before you complete it. There are a total of 15 star level for each of the 14 different gear types you will find in Evony Age 2.

Upgrading the first few star levels of each gear is quite easy, and I suggest you only use a few delicate gems for each of these upgrades.  It doesn’t matter if you fail then, since you’ll be close to level 0 anyways. It will become more and more difficult and risky however, since if you faily the later upgrades the gears star level will be downgraded all the way to level zero!

To get all of your gear types to level 15 star level will take a very long time and cost you a lot of resources and gems. In addition to upgrading the star levels of your gear, you also need to upgrade the gear technology itself. Each time you upgrade the technology of your gear the star level will be decreased by one. I suggest you focus on getting all your gear technology to level 10 before you start with upgrading star levels at all. You can read more making gear and upgrading your gear technology here.

In this table you can see what level your star level will be downgraded to if you fail any of the upgrades. As you can see if you fail high level upgrades the star level will be downgraded all the way back to level zero, so I suggest you use 4 flawless gems for the higher level upgrade to minimize the chance you will fail. Failing at level 14 would be horrible, and getting the star level all the way back to 14 once more is very costly.

Star level research Downgraded to if fail
Level 1 to level 2 Zero
Level 2 to level 3 Zero
Level 3 to level 4 1
Level 4 to level 5 2
Level 5 to level 6 3
Level 6 to level 7 4
Level 7 to level 8 5
Level 8 to level 9 Zero
Level 9 to level 10 Zero
Level 10 to level 11 Zero
Level 11 to level 12 Zero
Level 12 to level 13 Zero
Level 13 to level 14 Zero
Level 14 to level 15 Zero

You can choose to upgrade the gear’s star level manually one level at a time, or you can choose to do so automatically to the desired gear star level you want. Doing it manually you can see the success chance of each upgrade you want to do, and how it depends on how many delicate or flawless gems you want to use. You can only use gems of one type on each upgrade, and max 4 at the same time. If you upgrade star levels automatically you get the option of starting to use flawless gems at a certain level of star upgrade. Automatic star level upgrades will use 4 gems for each level upgrade.


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