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Evony Gear Making it in the Workshop

Evony Gear Making it in the Workshop

In Evony Age II you can make your own gear for your heroes in the workshop. It is cool that the workshop building finally has some use. You need a certain level of the workshop to make certain gear. The gear you make come in 10 different levels.

To be able to create gear for your heroes you need to have enough resources. Each type of gear requires a specific combination of resources. The resources you need to produce gear are not the same as those you produce in your villages. At the moment the only way to get these resources seem to be to buy them in the Evony store. I expect that you are able to get these from attacks just like medals in the future.

You need to research the technology of the various items in the workshop before you are able to produce them. To research the technologies from level 3 and beyond you need to use Lost Armor Scripts. These can be bought in the Evony store at 40 cents or you can get them from NPC attacks. This is a list of the technologies:

  • Weaponry.
  • Shield construction.
  • Mount training.
  • Necklace fabrication.
  • Charm.
  • Ring crafting.
  • Head gearing.
  • Shoulder gearing.
  • Chest gearing.
  • Back gearing.
  • Gauntlets.
  • Belts.
  • Legs gearing.
  • Foot gear.

There are five types of resources, Wood, Iron Ore, Thorough Breds, Gemstones, and Fabric. The gemstones mentioned here are not the same as gems or stratagems. To get these resources you buy boxes with them, just like medal boxes, and each box contain 2-4 of the resources that you want. The boxes are called wood box, iron ore box, riding rein, gemstone box and fabric box.



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