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Avoid Being Colonized in Evony

Avoid Being Colonized in Evony

Once you are “colonized” there will be an eight hour suppression period. During this time you can have your allies’ mass troops and you can build up your own army. Once this time is up there will be a fight between the attacker’s troops and your own. If you win you are free and if you lose you become a colony under the attacker, your suzerain.

So obviously you want to win the fight, right? Well if you get your allies to reinforce you, you may take losses but win in the end. I’d rather not take any losses. So here’s the trick: go to your Embassy and you will see where troops are garrisoned in your city. You will see your attacker’s troops. You simply have to dismiss them.

The catch is that if you do this right away and your suppressor notices they will simply reinforce and hope you don’t notice. The key is timing. You have to wait until the last minute so that your suppressor doesn’t have time to reinforce. When suppression ends and the stabilization battle takes place your enemy will have no troops in your city and you will win as a result.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!



  • OnyxWitch says:

    This does not work, tried it. You can’t see your suze’s troops in your city’s embassy only reinforcing troops.

  • cobraking says:

    I`ve try this but I have ni dismiss there (go to your Embassy and you will see where troops are garrisoned in your city. You will see your attacker’s troops. You simply have to dismiss them.)

  • daniel says:

    thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that helped like mad

  • RAGENDEATH says:

    hi i was wondering are there any other ways you know of that you can avoid or build faster troops in the game either specically to avoid colonization or otherwise? feel free to add me on fb if you like :)

  • Jeulmeklie says:

    Everytime i attack another player, the only option of attack it lets me use is colonize,not attack i don’t get it. the cities i attack have been inactive for at least 3 weeks.

  • Jeulmeklie says:

    So what’s up with colonize stuff . I just declared war on 2 inactive accounts, and it’s only allowing me to use did the same thing 3 days ago when i declared war . seems to me that this colonize crap would’ve done been over by now and whoever won would have city.

  • JR says:

    I had only been playing for a little over a week, hadn’t joined with any alliance yet, and I just was getting out from Beginners Protection Mode when my 2nd city was attacked 12 times. Lord Riggins attacked it 7 times and Lord JonJo attacked it 5 times-both Lords were with the Reapers alliance. During all of this, my primary 1st city was being simultaneously attacked 3 times by Lord Reznor with the HenchII alliance.

    I transported my 2nd city out first but Riggins and JJ2 followed me. What they did, though, was to use the advanced transport feature to transport their entire cities right to JonJo’s city Map Coordinates so that they were right on top of each other,and, right on top of JonJo’s city, too – all 3 had the same Map Coordinates when they initiated their War Declarations against me. I transported my 1st primary city at a different locale to use my 2nd city as my decoy.

    I initiated an Uprising, but at JonJo’s city map coordinates, where all 3 Lords and cities were at, according to the War Declarations, which caused Riggins and JJ2 to transport their cities back to their own original Map Coordinates, but then I started getting conflicting coordinate computer readings because of it. That’s when I went into alliance with Bane. I couldn’t attack, anti-colonize, or even initiate enforcement strategies, though, against JonJo because of the Uprising I had initiated at his Map Coordinates and JonJo colonized me by default even though there was no battle that ensued – in fact, his troops never even gained entrance into my city nor even garrisoned in. (If he ever comes into my city though, he’s dead meat)

    Everyone in the Bane alliance was too far away to help and I ended up with a Suzarain – which I have no idea what that is except that it can draft (whatever that is) my troops and charge me tribunes on my resources. My 1st city was saved but now I have to walk a tightrope because of the exchange of information, etc. now.

    I am so pissed off. And, if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the tenants where I live at sold me out to those enemies and were providing them information about my plays in the game, and then, registered into Evony to play the game, too. Since then, I’ve experienced all kinds of computer problems -
    conflicting pictures about my walls – the town and map pictures shows incomplete walls around my cities, yet when I’m in my cities, the walls are complete and solid around them. I upgraded to reinforce my walls to be safe, but, the pictures never changed and I’ve been surfing Evony’s links to find more information about this “phenomena”.

    I’m very impressed with the game,though,and with all the technical skills it obviously had taken, to be able to put this game together. Wow!

  • jr says:

    I got a city colonized and there were no troops garrisoned in the city and there was no suppression battle. The system advised me that because there was no uprise, the enemy won? The system expected me to attack the enemy who declared war on me, I guess, but I stayed in and took the defensive, but he never attacked again.???????

  • Dennis says:

    This tip does not work at all. The embassy does not show the attacker’s troops.

  • steven says:

    what if they have no troops to dismiss

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